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A Tulsa Bead Store Like No Other: Landella

A unique Tulsa bead store, Landella is the world’s first powder coated bead factory. All of the beads at Landella are created in the on-site machine shops.
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World's First Powder Coated Bead Factory & Store to Open in Tulsa

Previously located in a 320sq ft store in The Boxyard, Landella has now been expanded to an 11,000 sq ft factory and retail store space on 15th Street between Sheridan and Yale in the former home of Chandler Materials.

The new Landella store will feature an expanded collection of bead and charm shapes, all made in the on-site machine shops. 

Guests will enjoy live bead making and powder coating demonstrations while creating their own bracelet and necklace designs in the factory store that, as it turns out, is unique not just to Tulsa, but to the entire world:

"We are, to our knowledge, the only company in the world that makes powder-coated beads, and we are the only bead factory of any sort in the entire nation. There are litterally no other bead facories in the USA, just Landella. We've also created an amazing magnetic clasp that is bar-none, the best version of this type of product available on the market today. It truly is an Oklahoma original," explains Nate McPherson, Landella's co-founder.

"At first it might seem surprising to learn that all of the hot fashion jewelry brands on the market today like Kendra Scott, Rustic Cuff, Stella and Dot, etc., source every single one of their items from China. Just go into the Kendra Scott store and look at any tag. They all say MADE IN CHINA. There are virtually NO major fashion jewelry lines that are actually fabricated in the USA, but this makes sense because, again, there are no manufacturing companies here. We want to change that," Nate explains. 

"Landella is built on the belief that if you're going to buy something you don't need, it really should be made in the USA. Of course we can all say we want to buy American and shop local, but that’s not an option if there are no factories here. On the off chance there is an American maker, their goods are typically priced far beyond reach for most of us—you’re never going to find a pair of American made jeans for $40, for example. We are extremely proud of the fact that our bracelet collection has a starting price of $17.50 and with a quality that absolutely NO other attainably priced fashion jewelry brand can even begin to compare to," Nate boasts. 

Future plans for the new Tulsa bead store include a custom charm bar, an event space for bead parties, and an on-site mixing room where customers can order custom scented body lotions, soaps, and scrubs.

“With a total of 39 rooms, we have a lot of space to work with. We plan to remodel the rooms in stages and offer these added products and experiences as we grow, and as traffic dictates. One of the things about Tulsa that’s frustrating for all of us is the amount of abandoned and empty commercial real estate, so we are excited to be able to breathe new life into this structure and help change that about our city. The building has some great mid century design touches that make it unique, and it is in an extremely easy to access location on a well trafficed street, it just needs a little TLC,” Nate explains.  

The new Landella Factory Store is located at 5805 E 15th Street, across from ONG and open Wednesday through Saturday from 11-6.

Visit for more info and to view the totally made-in-Tulsa collection.


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Landella is Tulsa's Beard Oil & No-Shave Headquarters

Whether you're taking part in No-Shave November this year, or you always sport a beard, Landella has a great selection of beard oil by Simply Great Beard Oil.

These oils come in a much bigger bottles than others we've tried, work great, and there are several awesome scents like: Leather, Mahogany, Viking, Whisky, Cedar, and of course Sexy. 

Bonus: Simply Great Beard Oil is partnering with No-Shave this year, and donating 10% of each oil sales to this unique way to raise cancer awareness!

Beard oils are perfect for beard softening, and with Simply Great Beard Oils, a little goes a long way. The clever ball rod cap makes it easy to use a little or a lot though, depending on your beard size, and at 3oz these nifty bottles are a fantastic value to boot!

Simply Great Beard Oils are Vegan, Handcrafted, Cruelty Free and Recyclable. All it takes is a few drops of this luxurious blend of olive oil, hazelnut oil, sweet almond oil based recipes to keep your fur in check. 

Landella is located in downtown Tulsa's coolest venue, The Boxyard. We feature one of the largest selections of men's grooming care, beard care, skincare, and body care in Tulsa, so once you choose your favorite beard oil scent, you'll have plenty more to discover for the rest of your parts.




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Keep it Local with Landella Beads, Jewelry, and Gifts of Tulsa

Do you love Tulsa, and do you love to Shop Local? You'll love Landella gifts and jewelry located just off Route 66 in Tulsa. Landella is the worlds first and only powder coated bead factory. 

Created by the founders of Spexton Jewelry, Landella is a collection of beautiful locally made jewelry, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, cuffs, and earrings.  Every Landella bead is made entirely in Tulsa, we never import our beads from China, which makes Landella beads the perfect gift for the Tulsa fan who loves cuffs and jewelry! 

Did you know that almost nobody actually makes beads in the USA? Not at Landella, where each day in the Landella studios we cut, polish, and paint every one of our beads used to create our bracelets, bangles, cuffs, chokers, and earrings in Tulsa.  Landella magnetic clasps are unlike any other as well, because they feature an incredibly strong magnetic clasp that can be interchanged. Being able to change out your colors, leathers, beads, and shapes makes Landella bracelets the perfect gift, and Landella the perfect Tulsa gift store. 

The Landella factory store and gift shop is located just off Route 66 on 15th street at 5805 E 15th in Tulsa. If you’re planning a trip through Tulsa, why not stop buy and select your very own piece of Tulsa!

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