A Tulsa Bead Store Like No Other: Landella

A Tulsa Bead Store Like No Other: Landella

If you’re a bead lover, there aren’t too many choices for bead stores in Tulsa. As a smaller city, Tulsa’s bead shops consist of a couple of small bead boutiques and the bead isles of the big box craft stores. However, there is one bead store in Tulsa that’s unlike any other in the world: Landella. 



Unlike every other bead store in the country, all of the beads at Landella are made on-site. You won’t find this anywhere else, because Landella is the only production bead factory in the USA. And furthermore, Landella is the only powder coated bead maker in the entire world! 


Landella beads are made in a unique production process using rods of brass, copper, and stainless steel which are machined into a myriad of bead shapes and sizes. After the beads are initially cut, they undergo various production processes to give them unique finishes. Landella beads are available in an endless array of colors, as the store features an on-site powder coating room where visitors can watch the beads being coated and baked, coming to life with vibrant and durable finishes. 


Landella has also invented an amazing proprietary jewelry clasp that features an incredibly strong magnet, and comes in matching colors to compliment all of the beautiful beads. Visitors of all ages will enjoy mixing and matching all of the endless bead and clasp combinations to create beautiful jewelry. 


The Landella Bead Factory and Store is located on 15th street between Sheridan and Yale, across from ONG. At first, the location of this Tulsa bead store may seem unusual, but this is because the store is located right where the beads are made, and a traditional retail space won’t work for this. 


If you are in the Tulsa area and you love bead stores and beading, a visit to the Landella Bead Factory is an absolute must. Whether you are looking to grab a quick gift, or want to get lost in all the bead colors and shapes to design your own custom bracelets or necklaces, the fun and attentive owners and staff at Landella Beads and Jewelry are experts at providing 5 star service.


We are excited to invite you to our one-of-a-kind Tulsa bead shop! 


Landella Bead Store and Factory is located at 5805 E 15th Street, Tulsa OK 74112

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