Keep it Local with Landella Beads, Jewelry, and Gifts of Tulsa

Keep it Local with Landella Beads, Jewelry, and Gifts of Tulsa

Do you love Tulsa, and do you love to Shop Local? You'll love Landella gifts and jewelry located just off Route 66 in Tulsa. Landella is the worlds first and only powder coated bead factory. 

Created by the founders of Spexton Jewelry, Landella is a collection of beautiful locally made jewelry, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, cuffs, and earrings.  Every Landella bead is made entirely in Tulsa, we never import our beads from China, which makes Landella beads the perfect gift for the Tulsa fan who loves cuffs and jewelry! 

Did you know that almost nobody actually makes beads in the USA? Not at Landella, where each day in the Landella studios we cut, polish, and paint every one of our beads used to create our bracelets, bangles, cuffs, chokers, and earrings in Tulsa.  Landella magnetic clasps are unlike any other as well, because they feature an incredibly strong magnetic clasp that can be interchanged. Being able to change out your colors, leathers, beads, and shapes makes Landella bracelets the perfect gift, and Landella the perfect Tulsa gift store. 

The Landella factory store and gift shop is located just off Route 66 on 15th street at 5805 E 15th in Tulsa. If you’re planning a trip through Tulsa, why not stop buy and select your very own piece of Tulsa!

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