Landella is a Tulsa Gift Store in Downtown Created by Spexton Jewelry

Landella is a Tulsa Gift Store in Downtown Created by Spexton Jewelry

Are you looking for a cool, locally made gift in Tulsa, OK?  If so, Landella by Spexton Jewelry is now open at The Boxyard, Tulsa's newest shopping center, made entirely of shipping containers.  

Landella is a Tulsa gift store that features locally made jewelry, skincare, bath bombs, cosmetics, candles, and more.  Landella bracelets make the perfect Oklahoma gift because each and every Landella bead is made by hand in the Spexton studios in Tulsa.  

Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, Christmas gift, Valentine's gift, or a gift just for yourself, you'll love the huge selection of customizable jewelry and bead bracelets, necklaces, and earrings you'll find at Landella.  

Created by Spexton in 2017, Landella is a Tulsa gift store that is proud to feature the same high quality products and outstanding customer service Spexton customers have come to know and love. 

If you want a truly unique Tulsa gift, a visit to Landella is on your list!  The Boxyard is located at 502 E 3rd Street and is open Monday though Saturday from 10-6, and Sunday from 12-5pm.  Landella is surrounded by dozens of other fantastic Tulsa gift stores, clothing stores, bars, and eateries.  

When you visit Landella be sure to stop by Modern Mess, Beau & Arrow, East + West, OPEN Container Bar, Spexton, Dwelling Spaces, Rose Rock Creamery, Nova Comics, STEMcell, and more.  The Boxyard is Oklahoma's best local shopping center and the quality and service of our amazing neighbors proves it!



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