Tulsa Bead Store Landella opens on 15th street

Tulsa Bead Store Landella opens on 15th street

Tulsa has lots of great gift stores, but none quite like the Landella Bead Factory Store and Gift Shop on 15th Street. 

Landella by Spexton is unique because we handmake every one of our beads right inside our store, allowing you to customize your own bracelets, necklaces, and gifts.  Landella beads are perfect for graduation gifts, school colors gifts, sorority gifts, and more because we can match the bead colors to any scheme.  

Created by Spexton Jewelry in 2017, Landella's bracelets and necklaces feature our incredibly strong patent-pending magnetic clasp.  You'll be able to work with us to design your own bracelets, chokers, necklaces, and cuffs in endless color combinations. 

Landella is more than the best Tulsa gift shop for locally made jewelry, we also feature dozens of natural skincare, apothecary, makeup, body care, candles, bath salts, body scrubs, lotions, essential oils and hair care items.  Guests of Landella jewelry and bead store in Tulsa always say "It smells so good in here" when they walk in the door.  

The staff of Landella, Tulsa's most unique gift store, will treat you like family.  We are excited about helping you find the perfect gift for that special birthday, anniversary, or holiday.  A gift from Landella will thrill all jewelry lovers while showing you really care!


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