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Aloe + Seaweed , Wheat grass, Green tea, Green Clay Face Mask

Purpose: A beautifying face mask with anti oxidant, rejuvenating, detoxifying and skin tightening properties

Why Dry Mask? Dry ingredients have a longer shelf life than the wet ones. also eliminates the need to add chemicals as preservatives.

Skin Types: Normal, Oily
Benefits: Balance Detox Brighten Refresh Rejuvenate 
Size: 0.2 oz - kraft paper pouch ( single treatment ). 
Scent: Mild scented due to lavender buds powder & peppermint + tea tree essential oil
Ingredients + Benefits: 

French Green Clay & Bentonite Clay - tighten the pores, draw out the toxins from the skin.
Matcha + Sencha Green tea powder - a powerful antioxidant.
Kelp powder - seaweed for its nourishing, anti aging properties.
Organic wheat grass powder - Powerful antioxidant, good amount of chlorophyll.
Organic Aloe vera powder - for soothing, hydrating & calming the skin.
Lavender Buds Powder - anti inflammatory, calming, soothing effect & mild scent.
Peppermint + Tea Tree Essential Oil - mild scent & healing properties.

Use: In a small dish, pour all the contents from the pouch, add slowly -- plain water / rose water to make a thick paste. Apply thinly on face in upward direction.
Avoid area near eyes . Let it dry completely as normally we do for face masks. ( 15- 20 mins )
Wash off with plain water. Pat dry. Apply face toner & moisturizer or balancing oil. 

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes & near eye area.
Do not use if skin irritation occurs.