Black Sea Mud | Clay Face Mask Deluxe Set – Landella
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Black Sea Mud | Clay Face Mask Deluxe Set

Black Sea Mud | Clay Face Mask Deluxe Set

B L A C K . S E A . M U D | Clay Mask for Oily & Combination skin

Reset your skin with this purifying and renewing mask. A triple blend of clays draw out excess oils, tempered with gentle coconut milk powder to restore softness. The addition of carefully measured Hiwa Kai and Alaea sea salts give skin a clarifying treatment.

The Black Sea Mud mask formula is boosted with activated charcoal and sea kelp to immerse skin in essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins. 

+ Black Sea Mud Mask comes with a hand-marbelized application brush, and a plush bamboo charcoal cloth. The bamboo cloth is made by heating bamboo at extreme heat, where after the bamboo is ground into nano-particles and combined with filament yarn. The cloth has activated charcoal in it, making it an ideal cleansing cloth paired with this mask.

T H E . R I T U A L
Mix a small amount of mask with water or almond milk in a separate dish, adding liquid slowly until desired consistency is reached. Gently brush onto skin; rinse off with warm, damp cloth when mask is dry (25-45 mins.)
Packaged in a glass 6 oz jar

Kaolin clay, cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, french green clay, red Moroccan clay, sea kelp, activated charcoal, Hiwa Kai sea salt, Alaea sea salt, essential oils of yarrow, Bulgarian lavender, tea tree, helichrysum

100% natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

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