Nature's Baby Conditioner & Detangler Lavender Chamomile | 8 oz. – Landella
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Nature's Baby Conditioner & Detangler Lavender Chamomile | 8 oz.

This Organic Conditioner uses organic & natural ingredients to provide an incredibly soft and manageable finish for your babies’ hair. Using ingredients such as Organic Aloe, Organic Calendula, Safflower Oil, and Shea Butter, your little one will be left with residue free and tangle free locks that are easy to comb through. Leave in or Rinse out. Adults love this conditioner on their own hair too.

Nature’s Baby Organics’ Conditioner & Detangler Lavender Chamomile 8 oz.: Nourish Your Silky Hair with a Silkier Touch.

Why do you bathe every day? To rinse off the dust from your hair, not to harm it, as that’s what conditioners can do. They can dehydrate your hair, which takes away the glow and the ability to hang on to the vital nutrients. We are sure that you already know this, but are unsure of the solution. Well, no more confusion. We have Nature’s Baby Organics’ Conditioner & Detangler Coconut Pineapple 16 oz., a secure and effective alternative to the harmful conditioners in this world.

You’re right, as the name suggests – it’s best for babies as well as for adults. You can use it without worries and headaches as it’s gentle to silky hairs, not to the dust nor to the microbes. Moreover, it contains important Amino Acids and vitamin E that again nourish your hair and makes it shiny, silky, and stronger.

For Both the Little Ones and the Adults: It’s gentle but contains the vital nutrients as well, best for people of all ages, from babies to their grand-parents.
Nourishes Your Hair: It moisturizes your hair as well as makes them shine and smooth.
Fragrance: You’ll get a scent of calming Lavender and relaxing Chamomile when applying, which makes your experience luxurious and appealing.
Conditions the Hair: It’s a conditioner that uses ingredients like Aloe, Calendula, and Shea butter to unlock the hairs for easy combing.
Organic and Vegan’s Choice: It contains organic materials only, no synthetic chemical nor a single ingredient from animals. Thus, it’s the best choice for vegans and others who prefer organic products.