Full Dome Bead Leather Bracelet – Landella

Full Dome Bead Leather Bracelet

Style: Solid Bead Bracelet with Signature Landella Magnetic Clasp.  Adorned with textured stainless steel Landella logo charm (texture will vary on each bracelet).

Colors: Oyster White powder coated finished beads and clasp on Silver Leather cord. 

Presentation: Arrives Gift-Boxed and ready to wear or give.

Luxury Weight: Landella beads are MUCH more heavy than plastic beads and mass-produced metal beads as they are solid brass.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the weight when you pick them up. 

Materials: Brass Beads/Brass Magnet Clasp, Stainless Steel Logo Charm, Genuine Leather. 

Why Are Landella Beads So Unique?

So we asked ourselves:  What if we could design beautiful, luxury-weight beads, design the absolute best magnetic clasp, and then make them entirely in our own studio in Tulsa, USA?  

And voila! Landella Beads were born!  (After a very, very long summer of problem solving, of course).   

Each bead is created from a solid bar of brass and then hand finished, polished, and powder-coated in a multi-step 2 hour process that is performed entirely in the Spexton production studios in Tulsa, OK. 

Every one of our freakishly strong magnetic clasps is also made entirely from a solid brass bar in our studios, and is designed to screw on or off of the leather cord without the use of any glue!  

This ingenious design allows you to easily change the length, replace worn out leather, choose a new leather color, or create a totally new design all while keeping your original beads.  

Our Landella logo tags are cut in a local machine shop, then individually textured and marked, and will vary in style with each bracelet you purchase, making every bracelet unique. 

Our Sterling Silver Bumper charms are made in New Mexico, and our Leather is globally sourced.